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FAVORITE BOOK: The Catcher In The Rye








10 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I love the glossy photos in health magazines but very rarely (if ever) read them. If I could have one wish it’d be to find a women’s health magazine that educates, motivates, and inspires without all the fluffy content. Think: if Women’s Health and Teen Vogue had a love child — because isn’t it time for our publications to teach us how to find sustainable green beauty and what’s really in those meatless Impossible burgers?
  2. Ever seen In The Heights? That was basically my childhood experience, except with much less singing and dancing in the middle of the streets. Which is fitting because I’ve always had an affinity for singing in car rides, acting in my bathroom mirror, and dancing in the shower.
  3. You know how Spanish people can put sazón into anything with their Rs? Yeah, not me. I can’t roll my Rs (which is probably why me and the English language get along so well).
  4. I’ve always wanted to write, travel the world and meet new people which has led me to some pretty sweet gigs, like being a Writing Center Consultant for my alma mater, Vassar College, working on Film sets with Spike Lee, writing race recaps for New York Road Runners, and doing social media for the wellness publication Black Girl in Om.
  5. My love of health and wellness may have started with creating collages from health magazines as a chubby kid. Bright colored smoothies and butterfly crunch variations filled my composition notebooks even then.
  6. I’m obsessed with stationary. Leather bound journals with curvy writing, rose gold pens topped with diamonds, vinyl affirmation stickers telling me “You got this!” — you name it, I want it. I feel naked if I’m ever without a journal and pen in my bag.
  7. I was the worst runner known to man (okay maybe not worst but I was pretty slow and would get super winded super fast). So in my senior year of college I signed up to do a 5k. And then a 10k and a half-marathon (three to be exact). I still wear my Nike half necklace to remind me of how far I’ve come.
  8. My guilty pleasure? Watching copious amounts of YouTube videos about meal planning, creative entrepreneurship, and most romantic Bridgerton scenes (but I’ve never actually seen a full episode).
  9. Writing in Gregory’s coffee shops, city libraries, and booths at Panera Bread is usually how I like to spend my days but when it comes to working out, the more social the better. An ideal week of workouts to me would look like: Ballet, pilates, horseback riding, or spin class.
  10. I’m a dreamer. I love to come up with ideas, think of new stories, ask questions, research and dig into topics, get my thoughts down on paper, analyze and talk about those ideas with experts, read interviews and share new perspectives.


Hey there, I´m Dronile.

I’m a writer and educator creating health content for brands that want to educate and inform their readers. 

If you’re here then you’re probably wondering who I am, how’d I become a writer, and why I’m the writer for you. Well, it all goes back to New York City in the ’90s.

Because I saw my parents, two creative people from Dominican Republic, slave away at jobs they didn’t love just to make a living I promised myself to make a living doing what I love.

As a frizzy haired chubby kid unable to run a mile, eating McDonald’s hamburgers and chocolate I suffered from depression – a lot. I’d wear sweaters and hoodies in the summer because I was embarrassed of my weight! My life and dreams felt weighed down with reality.

It wasn’t until I started learning about brain boosting foods, the benefits of meditation and sweating it out that my life (and my dreams) really started to take shapeI’d just graduated from college and my plan was to become a screenwriter! But in my last year of college I’d started running and the long hours a production assistant really started to take its toll on my mental and emotional health.

I knew I’d hit rock bottom when I was sitting behind the wheel of a production car, crying in the middle of Wall Street as the AD heckled crew through the headset in my ear.

In between productions I worked at a local running store talking to people about their pronation, why Nuun was 10x better than Gatorade, and how to avoid blisters with synthetic socks. I liked it so much I even started posting about health and wellness on social media and eventually launched my first blog, “The Little Dominican Runs.” When I finally decided to leave Film & TV, I decided to try my hand at combining my love of health with my love for writing, production, and creativity.

Today, I work brands like ADHD Online, New York Road Runners, Black Girl In Om, BlogHer, GoDaddy, Planted, and more to write fact based health and wellness content that isn’t just fluff.

There’s a whole generation of writers, health enthusiasts, and creative entrepreneurs who will come after me — and I want them to see being healthy, thriving at work, and being informed is possible! Easy? Nuh uh.

It takes hiding our best selves, crying in rental cars, and sacrificing a few cool gigs along the way but what writing and health have taught me is that with faith, and God, all things are possible.

And that’s what I can do for you.

Help you write and create stories that educates, motivates, and inspires. Because isn’t it time your health content cut the fluff?