Hi, hello there. I’m Dronile. New Yorker by roots, creative entrepreneur by blood.

I help social entrepreneurs and socially responsible organizations create positive social change and effectively communicate the good they do in the world. I’m an author, speaker, entrepreneur and avid traveler. Being a Latina (DR 🇩🇴 represent!) in the US meant I watched my immigrant parents – two very creative people – build someone else’s dream (read: multi-million corporations) while giving up on theirs. In addition, it seemed like every year a new arts program was defunded in my Washington Heights community.

Now, I’m determined to change the face of media. That’s why I love working with brands + influencers who have a social mission + want to make an impact. My goal is to teach more entrepreneurs and creatives how to break barriers + design the life of their dreams.

Here, I share how to stay healthy as an entrepreneur, build an online business and use social media to create a powerful impact. Sign up here to stay in touch + get weekly wellness, entrepreneurship, and marketing tips straight to your inbox.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with God, traveling and empowering underserved communities.


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