I’m Dronile. New Yorker by roots, creative entrepreneur by blood.

I help founders, nonprofit organizations + socially responsible brands tell their stories + communicate the good they do in the world. Through content marketing, business development + copywriting, I teach them how to serve the communities that matter to them most so they can make a great impact. I’ve worked with brands like NYRR, GoDaddy, and Black Girl In Om to write blog content, grow their online readership, and connect with industry-leading influencers.

Growing up, I watched my parents – two wildly creative people – struggle to make ends meet. My mom, a seamstress and super good cook gave up her dreams to raise me, while my dad, a music enthusiast, was always looking for ways to provide for our family. I decided I wanted to make a difference for creative youth and communities of color, so that future generations could have better opportunities than my parents did.

That’s why I help creatives, founders, and social good brands through copy coaching, PR + Communications services. In my free time, I enjoy meditating, reading, exploring new locations, trying new restaurants, and staying active.

I’m currently available for coaching, writing, and speaking opportunities. Interested in working together? Then find out how here.

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