Dronile Hiraldo is a freelance writer specializing in holistic wellness, sustainable living, and diversity for small to medium-sized businesses and lifestyle brands. She’s helped brands like NYRR, GoDaddy, Planted and Black Girl In Om write blog content, grow their online readership, and connect with industry-leading influencers.

Dronile’s love for content started in her very own backyard: as a production assistant for indie films in the city of lights – New York. Working 14 to 16 hour days on set, she found herself burning out and in search of an outlet. That’s when she decided to exit the Film world and follow her passion for running as a sales associate for a local running store. During this time, her creative passions flourished as well. Looking to combine her love for sports and entertainment, Dronile found herself volunteering in social media, broadcast + events to build the career of her dreams.

She now enjoys collaborating with small to medium-sized business owners, advertising agencies, and lifestyle brands on long-form content, ghostwriting, and media releases.

In her free time, she loves working out (everything from yoga to kickboxing, weight lifting, and spinning), traveling, finding artisanal dessert shops, studying the Bible, and designing pretty things. Her hope is to one day coach other writers, creators, and entrepreneurs how to design the life of their dreams.

If you’re looking for a writer to help with your health and lifestyle content then let’s work together! Find out how here. Or email: dronile@dronilehiraldo.com

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