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Hi 👋🏽 there! I'm Dronile.

A born and bred New Yorker with a love for stories, ballet, and smart content.

I write and create content for healthcare companies, nonprofit organizations, and publications that want to educate, motivate and inspire their readers. Brands like ADHD Online, New York Road Runners, and Black Girl In Om hire me to write fact-based articles, real-life interviews, and thoughtful social media posts.

If there’s one thing the health industry needs less of it’s fluff: less celebrity dating histories and more real-talk on the mental health challenges facing young people today (and what to do about it).

That’s why I help brands write content that is compelling, smart, interesting and original — without the fluff.

Our clients get readers talking.

Will you be the next to spark conversation?


Lauren Ash, Black Girl In Om

We hired Dronile to create engaging, on-brand content in line with our mission and visuals for Black Girl In Om’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. We wanted to increase our social media following and engagement by 25%. Her digital communications effectively increased our Facebook following by 55.8%, our Facebook engagement by 125.6%, our Twitter following by 108.4% and our Twitter engagement by 169.7% and have helped us achieve our growth goals within one year. Dronile is an incredible team member and has excellent communication skills when working with others, and yet also maintains a powerful ability to work individually. She creates goals and ensures that she meets them. Her positivity and go-getter mentality has always been appreciated by myself and other members of the team.

Charles Thompson, Sound Business, Inc.

We initially hired Dronile to create a script for our 2017 Sound Business, Inc. May Showcase. She did such a wonderful job curating performance pieces, editing text, and helping us shape the script that we had our most engaging show to date.

Jenny Shih

While searching to find highly recommended copywriters I found Dronile’s name. After checking out her Contently site and website I thought “She might be who I’m looking for!” I hired Dronile as a Copy Coach in 2020 and 2021 for my 12-week group coaching intensive called Make It Work Online (MIWO). Her ability to make sales copy read clearly and effectively was one thing our women business owners appreciated during their time in the program. As a copywriter, Dronile puts time and thought into the comments and feedback she gives clients. I would recommend Dronile to anyone looking for a clear communicator and thoughtful copywriter.

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Finally, smart FDA-approved contentwithout the side effects. 😉

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Stories spark conversations.

How I’ve helped brands like New York Road Runners, Black Girl In Om, and BlogHer educate, motivate, and inspire readers.



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