Falling in Love Is a “Good” to Do: Brooklyn’s The Good Batch

Falling in Love Is a “Good” to Do: Brooklyn’s The Good Batch

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on The Little Dominican as “The Little Dominican Eats…The Good Batch.” It has been edited & condensed for this site.


New York City is a mecca for delicious plates, innovative desserts, and mouthwatering bites. As a sugar aficionado (read: sugar= bae) discovering this little Brooklyn gem was a true treat.

The Good Batch is a modern Dutch bakery nestled in Clinton Hill. Inspired by her husband’s family’s nostalgia for stroopwafels, Anna Gordon began selling the Dutch cookie at the Brooklyn flea market in the spring of 2010. This cute little artisanal bakery features brick lining the interior walls, pops of cool hues and marble tabletops.

The Good Batch Bakery interior

I was standing in line at Murray’s Bagels (highly recommended) circa 2014 waiting to pay, probably checking my watch and praying I’d still have a job (because I tended to always be late back then… but a story for a later time), when I first discovered The Good Batch. A 2-pack of oatmeal raisin cookies caught my eye by the checkout. I could see the plump raisins bursting from between the oats and flecks of cinnamon shimmering underneath the plastic. The big bold black lettering on the front seemed to be calling my name. “Eat me. Eat me.” How good was good? Two cookies couldn’t possibly hurt… I read the ingredients a few more times. Eventually, I placed them down. I was going to be quote on quote good.

Unbeknownst to me my rendezvous with The Good Batch had just begun. I was just beginning to date a guy at the time who I thought was “the one.” We both had a deep appreciation of food, and grew up accustomed to home cooked meals filled with tender, love and care. So we headed down to Williamsburg for Smorgasburg, a weekend food market, in what is now one of Brooklyn’s hippest neighborhoods to bond over.

The Good Batch Brown Sleeve

It’s interesting to think about Williamsburg now, a hub for food and young creatives, when 1960s Williamsburg, was a predominately Black and Hispanic neighborhood seeing a rise in crime, drugs, gang activity and unemployment. That’s 56 years of small gradual changes that exploded into a huge cultural shift in a pocket of New York City. But I digress, the point is we were going to this food event that had New York City all a buzz.

“I want that!” I yelled back to J, pointing excitedly towards the massive chocolate chip chunks peeking out from the girl’s fierce manicured fingers.

It was hot, the line was long, and the crowd was exploding. But I was pretty sure I’d never forgive myself for letting this ice cream cookie sandwich go. I swore, it was meant to be. Once away from the crowd, I started to pull my pick – the Chocolate Nutella sandwich – out if its delicate sleeve. I investigated the light ridges in the big brown cookies and zeroed in on my first bite. I tilted my head, gently placing the ice cream sandwich to the tip of my tongue and savoring those first few crumbs of rich velvety chocolate. Then I chomped down!

The Good Batch Blue Cart

I licked my lips in pleasure, savoring the roasted buttery undertones of the Nutella buttercream. I watched J bite into his Oat Chocolate Chunk ice cream cookie as we walked down Kent towards North 11th street. He closed his eyes, analyzing the flavors melting on his tongue. He offered his choice up to me. I’m a sucker for salted chocolate chip cookies so it was an obvious yes. The Oat Chocolate Chunk flavor was named “The Goodwich.”

And good it was.

I knew I had to make my way down to their bakery. It wasn’t until 2016 though, after moving to Crown Heights, that a visit finally became a reality. The bakery provides a comfy little space for anyone looking to study, get some work done or just laze around on a Saturday afternoon.

I decided to give their Mini Caramel Brownie Crunch a go: vanilla ice cream, caramel and caramel sponge candy sandwiched between two soft brownie cookies. Mmmmmmm.

The Good Batch bitten Mini Brownie Caramel Crunch
Taking a bite out of The Good Batch’s Mini Brownie Caramel Crunch

Like the rest of their flavors, it does not disappoint. Founder and Head Pastry Chef Anna Gordon clearly has an idea of where The Good Batch stands: it’s welcoming and inviting, like the finest pint of ice cream. A quiet boy in the corner with headphones closes his books and starts talking to the cashier about the latest Pokémon Go craze (90s nostalgia!). The couple lounging by the window, their plates still sitting before them from an earlier treat, stand to go. The cashier personalizes their departure and waves goodbye, smiles appearing on their faces as they step out the door.

I’m delighted to find this cookie haven down in the nooks and crannies of Brooklyn. For the traveling foodie, this is a spot worth exploring. Next time you’re in the Clinton Hill area, pop in and try one of their delicious artisanal offerings: either an ice cream sandwich, one of their classic stroopwafels or a tasty cookies and cake!

The Good Batch Cookies & Cakes

Got a Brooklyn gem you love? Let.me.know. The foodie in me can’t resist. 🙈